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Becoming a New Patient

It all starts with making a phone call or email. But what happens then? We want to make being a new patient as simple as possible. So here is a brief outline of what to expect.


First, we will have you in for an examination and x-rays (depending on your situation we may also ask to make models of your teeth).  This examination is to evaluate your teeth, your joints and your soft tissues. Your dental cleaning may or may not be scheduled on the same date. Don't worry, the examination is neither scary or painful, it's just to gather information on how to best improve your health. The information we gain from this will be used to create a treatment plan individualized to you.


Secondly, you will have a short (free) consultation with Dr. Mick to explain any and all problems found and to discuss your treatment, this is usually about fifteen minutes and at a time convenient for you. This is meant to be an interactive conversation. Please feel free to bring ideas, questions or even family! Besides a conversation you will be given a detailed outline of your options and why treatment is necessary.  No decisions are required at this point, so relax and consider you options and please don't hesitate to call Dr. Mick later to discuss any questions.


Thirdly, any treatment necessary will be scheduled in a logistical manner and at a time convenient for you. If your hygiene (cleaning) appointment has yet to happen this will be scheduled also.

You can download, print and fill out the documents below to speed your initial check-in. 

We can't wait to meet you.

Click "PDF"  to download

"Patient Information"

Click "PDF" to download 

"Notice of Privacy


Click "PDF" to download 

"Medical History Form"

Click "PDF" to download 

"Dental History Form"

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