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Doty Island Dental March 26 Update

I hope everyone is doing their best to follow the social distancing guidelines and staying healthy. Everything that is occurring is a major adjustment and I think we will all be happy when it is behind us.

I received updated guidance yesterday from the Wisconsin Dental Association regarding elective, non emergency dental treatment. We have been informed that Wisconsin's "Safer at Home" order applies to non-emergent dental treatment, this will tentatively move the date at which we can perform elective care such as routine cleanings, fillings and crowns to April 24, 2020. The governor reserves the right to either lengthen or shorten the order. We are still allowed to perform emergency care such as treating pain or infection. In order to comply with the order we will begin rescheduling care on a week to week basis. Next week we will begin rescheduling appointments for what was initially planned as our first week back, the week of April 6. The following week we will reschedule the week after. We hope in this way we can resume "normal" operations as soon as it is safe to do so.

I would like to again reassure patients that have pending treatment or are mid-treatment, this continuing delay should not impact your final outcome, however, if you have questions or concerns please feel completely free to contact me. I am in the office most days, and if I am not, please contact me at home. If you are experiencing pain or infection we can absolutely still see you. If you experiencing anything questionable and are not sure if it qualifies as an emergency please give me a call and we can figure it out together.

I wish everyone good health in this difficult time.

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