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We Have Moved!

Well, it has been a long process, but our days at 151 E. Forest Avenue have come to an end. Our last patient was seen this last Wednesday, and it is with anticipation that we look forward to moving into our new location on 250 N. Green Bay Road with McNiel Family Dentistry. We have loved being a part of the Doty Island family, and look forward to continue to serve our patients on the island. We will be closed during the week of September 27th to October 1st for the move, however, if you require emergency care, you can be seen at the new location.

We are now sharing space with Dr. Mark McNiel and Dr. Joe McNiel at McNiel Family Dentistry. Dr. Joe was the first person I met when relocating to the Fox Cities and I started practicing with him at Partnership Community Health Center in 2012. I have always found Dr. Joe and Dr. Mark to be talented, compassionate and eternally honest dentists. I believe that working together again will be a truly enjoyable situation. Over the last several months I have gotten to know the staff of McNiel Family dentistry as well and happily discovered that good people will attract good people.

I am posting the link to their practice below, if you wish to know more.

How to Find Us:

Our name, telephone number and email address will remain the same, so if you are looking to contact us we should be easy to find.

The new practice is located on 250 N. Green Bay Road. If you are turning North from Main street, the practice is on the left hand side of the road just prior to Badger Globe Credit Union. Pull in the driveway, park on the left and the entrance to the practice is located in the courtyard. We are adding additional signage to make this as clear as possible.

We realize that there may be bumps as we complete this transition, please have patience, we are working hard to minimize any complications.

We look forward to continuing to provide the best, most compassionate dental care and can't wait to show you our new home! Please call or email us if you have any questions.

With Thanks,

Dr. Bryan and the Staff of Doty Island Dental.

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